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Strategy: It's all about Winning!

We are a new strategy consultancy based in London helping companies formulate, choose and implement their Business and Corporate Strategies.

We help:

  • Companies who want to break-out of a cycle of low profitability.

  • Companies who have been historically successful but have recently suffered a sharp fall in revenue.

  • Companies who have seen their revenues skyrocket but want to be sure they are capturing the maximising value from their success.

  • Companies who are stressing over making fundamental decisions such whether to form an alliance with another company or who to appoint as CEO.

  • Companies who are looking to acquire another company.

  • Companies who need restructuring or a turnaround strategy.

  • Start-up companies who are focusing on AIM listing within just a few years. 

  • Companies who trade internationally but are concerned about Brexit.

Strategic Planning can have an immediate effect on your business:

Direction - Strategic Planning provides your organisation with direction; which markets it should serve and which it should not. It will help you achieve the really big goals and keep your people on-side.  

Sets Apart - Strategic Planning can provide your company with differentiation; avoiding the 'commoditisation' of your products and services with the low returns generally available to ‘follow my leader’ companies.

Fundamentals - Strategic Planning deals with the fundamentals of your company’s reason for being.  Every major decision you make in the other parts of your organisation will relate back to the strategy; from HR to Marketing, from Operations to Finance, and most importantly your Sales Force.  

Reduces Risk – Strategic Planning analyses the commercial environment level so deeply, it reveals the threats which otherwise might knock your company off-course.

Turbocharges Growth – Strategic Planning analyses the marketplace as well as your company's own resources and capabilities so thoroughly it will identify opportunities of which your company has potential competitive advantages.

Winning – Strategic Planning helps you increase your company’s returns and sustainability as well as giving you and your colleagues greater job satisfaction.

We would be delighted to undertake your company’s complete strategic planning process, or if you have your own in-house strategy team we are happy to undertake specific 'bolt-on' projects.  We also provide fast, informal 'ad hoc' advice.

We are cost effective.  All the projects we undertake are fully costed.  By engaging us for a project we will save you possibly the year’s salary for a full-time strategist. 


We work for companies in all Industries and Markets – Your Objective Partner.


We strive to make your Commercial Dreams a reality – Your Vision: Our Expertise.

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