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We also write Business Plans!

At Strategy Turnaround we love writing Business Plans - Let us write yours!

Here are 10 reasons why you benefit by letting us write your Winning Business Plan:

1. We will write your Business Plan to give your company commercial credibility and firepower to obtain funding from banks, business angels and entrepreneurs.

2. While we are writing your Business Plan you can get on with the cool stuff such as developing your products or services and finding new customers.

3. We can write your Business Plan to suit a desired audience such as your company's people, board of directors, shareholders, or lenders.

4. We make it short! Nevertheless your Business Plan will run between 25-40 pages and include an Executive Summary, Current Situation, Market Position, Market Analysis, a Strategy and Operating Plan, Sales Forecasts, Risk Analysis and Financial Analysis.

5. We spend time with you when writing your Business Plan to define your business objectives and how you will achieve them - a significant aid to effective management.

6. We also make your Business Plan a coordination tool to motivate and develop your people.

7. We will write the 'Financial Analysis and Projections' section of your Business Plan act as a financial oracle to improve your company's cash-flow decisions.

8. The crafting your Business Plan will give your business model its most rigorous test yet.

9. As Business Strategists, we shall write your Business Plan on your business's potential and future performance rather than just on last year's figures.

10. Strategic Turnaround offers Business Plans as an introductory offer. It is your way to inexpensively dip-your-toe into our world of strategy; a relationship we truly hope will last forever.

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