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We provide Corporate and Business Strategy support and advice to businesses in all industries and all markets anywhere in the world.

Strategic Planning is all about creating a ‘platform’ from which your business can harvest better profitability and stability.

Formulating Business Strategy can be complex; it doesn’t work like a sausage machine where you can put in ideas and data at one end, get the machine to make a few calculations, and out comes a strategy.

Every management team is different; their ambitions, their propensity to risk, and their commercial experiences. So, each Strategic Planning engagement we undertake is unique.

Throughout our engagements we explain our thinking at every stage and our satisfaction is hearing our clients say, “I have never thought about like that before” or “that explains why our previous plan didn’t work” or “with this new thinking we can focus our creative energy on XYZ”. We never just prepare a report and let you get on with it!

Every engagement is tailor-made to your requirements, however most engagements fall into the categories below:

Complete Strategic Planning

This engagement is a large-scale exercise which involves deep analysis into: (i) your company and its resources and capabilities; (ii) your competitors and the dynamics of the industry in which your company operates; and (iii) your customers and the dynamics of the markets for which your business serves.

Our focus is strategic competitive advantage at every level which can be transferred to both a Corporate and Business Strategy. This form of engagement is very useful when your business has been experiencing year after year declining profits or losses.

Issues and Options in Strategy

This engagement is used when your company already has carried out analysis and has a successful Business Strategy. We look at the issues and options relevant to your Business Strategy and potentially provide a ‘second pair of eyes’ over your thinking as well as possibly highlighting new areas on which your Strategy should focus in the future.

This style of engagement is also very useful when there is no time to carry out full strategic planning analysis, such as in an emergency restructuring.

Bolt-on Strategy Help

These engagements assist companies who already have their own strategy department. We simply complete some of the components of analysis, formulation or implementation. For example, Marketing Segmentation or an analysis of the company’s leadership and culture.

Special Strategic Projects

These engagements deal with specific issues; usually enormous decisions which go to the heart of your company’s raison d'être, such as the strategic issues of a merger, acquisition, restructuring or new product launch.

Retainer Advice

Our retainer engagements enable you to just to pick-up the phone or send an email to receive ad-hoc Corporate or Business Strategic advice, perhaps just to clarify a new strategic concept which you have picked-up upon.

Strategy Weekends

You organise the venue and we can arrange a full programme of Business Strategic thought and discussion; or we can just be on-call to answer any questions. Too often, Strategy Weekends wrongly involve fussing over spreadsheets (cutting a bit here and adding a bit there) but avoiding the key strategic trends of what your competitors and customers are likely to do over the next 3-5 years. We keep the focus!


We are obsessive about confidentiality. We never advertise or disclose that we have worked for a particular client nor refer to them in other engagements, seminars or podcasts. We enter into a Confidentiality Agreement in all our engagements. Furthermore, where an engagement involves very sensitive information, perhaps you are involved in restructuring or a merger, we work from your premises on your laptops which you can lock-away at night.

Our Fees

These vary from £95 to £145 per hour dependant on the level of complexity involved. All fees are subject to VAT (UK), and local taxes (overseas) and disbursements. Before we enter into an engagement we provide you with a proposal setting out the work we intend to carry out, the likely results and our expected fees and disbursements (i.e. bought in Market Research reports, travel etc). In most cases you will have the option of being charged by the hour or paying a fixed fee.

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